How we get there, together.

There are two ways of working together, depending on your preference and location. 

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1. Remote Coaching: This is an opportunity to collaborate regardless of where you reside. This package includes a monthly training program, specific to the goals and commitment level communicated during your initial inquiry. It also includes nutrition and supplement guidelines to support optimal performance and open communication via cell or email. You can even text me a menu at a restaurant and I’ll help you with your order! 

2. Private Training: This is an opportunity to collaborate directly with me. You will receive the same programming and nutritional specificity offered with the remote coaching option with increased focus on movement quality, technique, nutrition and accountability. 

"REENGINEERING.  That is what Ed does. He reengineers your body which leads to your entire well-being improving.  Ed delivers . . . a new body, a new psyche, and new approach to your daily routine.  Ed learns your body and tailors his training to YOUR needs.  It's not copycat. It's focused and on target. Having a severe case of scoliosis and back surgery, Ed has taken my body to new levels as well as my mental approach to fitness, diet, and lifestyle. I can actually "live" and compete daily thanks to Ed's work and guidance. I am blessed to have Ed as my fitness and training guru. Get REENGINEERED . . . let Ed push you to be better. You won't regret it."

- Brian (Client)

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