Food is Life.

It seems all the important things in life require a 100% commitment to be a true success. Nutrition is one of them. I strongly believe that every individual should receive some form of nutrition education or coaching in his or her pre adult life. 

I don’t believe in diets and I never recommend them. First, understand the importance of each macronutrient; proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Elimination of one particular macronutrient oversimplifies yet also overcomplicates what anyone with basic nutritional education and experience knows. The key to sound nutritional decisions is exactly that. MAKING SOUND NUTRITIONAL DECISIONS. With balanced lifestyle choices of all three macronutrients, in appropriate portions, the body runs like a well-oiled machine. That means hormonal and cellular efficiency, enhanced immunity, regulated inflammation and having a controlled handle on body fat. 

Many are seeking that magic pill that's going to give them that extra boost of "energy" when the magic is already inside of each and every one of us. The human body is extraordinarily resilient and adaptable, and is more than capable of producing the energy necessary to complete the task. The key to unlocking that magic is in what you feed it and how you train it.

My goal is to simplify this process. Long-term success is about understanding how your body works and making choices every day to help it run well. No gimmicks or fads. 

The EAT Method

We do this in three phases. I call it the EAT method and it takes about eight weeks for this to be successful. 

Explore: First 1 - 4 weeks

In the first 4 weeks, our goal is to explore what your body does and does not respond to. We eliminate the most common inflammatory compounds from the diet, spark insulin sensitivity, introduce calorie control, educate and begin to address aerobic fitness levels.

Adjust: 4 - 8 weeks

As we move out of the exploration phase, we begin to add nutrients and supplementation, where necessary, to maximize what we discovered in the previous 4 weeks. We also introduce weight training. 

Tighten: 8th week onwards

After week 8, it’s time to tighten up what we have found to date. We capitalize on the recomposition, boost the energy levels and aerobic efficiency developed in the past 60 days. This is also where we begin to see change at a cellular level, which is critical to setting yourself up to live and remain in a tight, optimal, successful state of being. 

My aim is to equip each client with the knowledge and tools to make the best decisions, out of habit, 99% of the time so that the occasional and inevitable party, outing, or otherwise fun time won’t even make a dent in your long-term success.  

"I am so grateful to have Ed Napper in my life!  As a Type 1 Diabetic who is lucky enough to also have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am very cautious with personal trainers. The 'no pain no gain' philosophy has put me out of commission for weeks or months at a time... "


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