I never fit in.  I'm not sure if that was because I was constantly choosing the wrong places and people to be around or just some inherent need to always evolve. Either way, being an outlier has taught me a lot about myself and, as a result, It's always been a challenge to allow myself to get too attached to people and things because at some point we are all subject to change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. At least in my humble experience. 

This is why I prioritize self-knowledge above all. If you are constantly self-evaluating it becomes easier to look around and determine what and who works and what and who just doesn't anymore. Then you can make decisions. What things, or people, are worth their weight. In life, just like in the gym, we tend to cling to the same old routines and weights out of fear and familiarity. We find comfort in them because we lack self-knowledge and in lacking self-knowledge we lose the most important thing we can believe in. Ourselves. We give away that belief to the comfort of familiar people, places and things. We fear change because we no longer believe we are worth the risk and we question our ability to be better. We try to fit in.

But, when you recognize you no longer fit in, that belief will be all you have. It will drive you forward through the dark days and cold nights. Every time you want to stop, it'll be the voice that encourages you to keep going. You need it. That same belief will attract other believers. And though you must begin alone, for your own reasons, every cause needs a team of believers to become a success. Instead of needing to fit in, you are attracting those that fit with your cause, but you'll never find that cause without accurate self-knowledge.

Make yourself a priority, evolve your perspectives and watch everything else evolve to fit your priority. To fit you.

Don't fear change. Fear everything remaining the same.