Passion. Drive. Resilience.

Those are the words I live by. I was born and raised in New York City, where I learned the importance of physical strength, commitment and hard work from my preacher father.

I spent the first part of my adult life working as an executive in the retail business where I channeled the values instilled in me by my father to inspire co-workers daily to maximize their potential. The responsibility drove me. I loved the fact that my actions could have a lasting impact on so many, that my dedication showed results. Contributing to the efficiency and profitability of the company didn’t hurt either. 

But one always knows when it’s time to follow life’s true passion, and ultimately I left the corporate sector to pursue my passion for personal training. I used the same dedication I had applied in retail and channeled it to training. Starting in 2012, I flew around the country and learned directly from some of the best leaders and organizations in the fitness industry. I read A LOT – literally everything I could get my hands on that would make me informed.
I even acquired over a dozen specialty certifications, becoming proficient in Olympic Weight Lifting, Hard Style KB Training and Nutrition Essentials. 

A Few Certifications:

National Council On Strength & Fitness 2012
VIPR Trainer 2013
KettleBell Athletics 2013
Olympic Lifting (Basic) 2013
USA Weight Lifting 2013
Gym Jones (lvl 1) 2013
Gym Jones Intermediate (lvl 2) 2013
Institute Of Motion Mentorship (lvl 1) 2014
Bio Signature (lvl 1) 2014
Bio Signature (lvl 2) 2014
Gym Jones Advanced (lvl 3) 2014
Precision Nutrition (lvl 1) 2014
Gym Jones Internship 2014
Strong First KettleBell Instructor (lvl 1) 2014
Gym Jones Instructor 2015
Gym Jones Seminar Instructor 2016
Functional Range Conditioning Specialist 2017

Kinstretch Course 2017

Licensed NLP Practitioner 2017

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 2017

It wasn't enough.

The technical proficiency was necessary but I longed to have the same connection with people as I did when I worked in retail. I missed the impact I made in managing, inspiring folks to do and be their best. So I took it to the gym floor, logging an extraordinary amount of time in training sessions, I worked harder to immerse myself in the experience of training with both clients and other trainers.

That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t here just to train people to be physically fit. I was here to inspire them to continue doing what they loved already. Just better. Every session became an opportunity to inspire strength beyond the physical. That’s when my passion became my profession. 

Hi. I’m Ed. And I intend to impact the world, one life at a time.

"Besides Ed’s extensive knowledge about nutrition, training methodologies, and injury rehabilitation, his demeanour on the training floor sets him apart from the rest. Ed does not need to scream at you in order to get the most out of you. His quiet manner manages to squeeze every last drop of effort from you in a way no drill sergeant could achieve. He motivates. He listens. He has expectations. The beauty of it all is that his expectations become your own, and surpassing them is a joint accomplishment..." 

- Joshua

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